Civil Engineering

We offer our clients a full range of civil engineering services, whether it be external works, or below ground drainage we can provide the expertise required for all forms of development. this expertise includes re-grading a site, providing new roads, consider transportation needs, arrange for topographic surveys, CCTV surveys or provide designs for river defences we have the experience to provide our clients with the necessary support. We also carry out Flood Risk Assessments at both SUR1 and SUR2 levels.

We have experience in the water industry having been involved in large and small schemes, from designing heavy civil engineering projects such as digester tank bases, water treatment tanks, down to support arrangements for piping for pumping stations. With the emphasis being on collecting and storing water, or avoiding flooding, adopting eco friendly solutions, we have the expertise and experience to provide efficient designs to complement and service the overall project, whether it be on buildings, housing schemes or civil projects.

Drainage solutions for building schemes are becoming an important part of most construction projects. The need to save water and re use it, where possible requires efficient design solutions, adopting simple soak away solutions, to providing attenuators systems to store and discharge water at off peak times.

What We Offer

  • Heavy civil engineering structures
  • Ground modelling cut & fill calculations
  • Reinforced soil slopes
  • Arranging & supplying topographical surveys
  • Existing utilities plant searches
  • Foreshore structures
  • Sewage work structures
  • Refuse depositing structures
  • River & marine engineering
  • Surface water drainage design incorporating SUDS
  • Environment agency consent & discharge
  • Environment agency culverting consent
  • Flood risk assessments (PPG25) &flood alleviations
  • Watercourse diversions
  • Flood compensation
  • Foul water drainage design
  • Drainage strategy / feasibility reports
  • Section 106 connections to public sewers
  • Section 104 adoption of new sewers
  • Section 185 sewers diversions
  • Section 102 retrospective adoption of sewers
  • Section 98 sewer requisition
  • Arranging & specifying drainage CCTV surveys / Topograhical surveys
  • Vertical & horizontal design of access of road & site levels
  • Construction details for external works
  • Section 38 adoption of new roads
  • Section 278 adoption of new junctions onto existing public highway
  • Section 106 adoptable works off-site on existing public highway
  • Vehicle swept path analysis
  • Indicative routing of new utilities services, including utility cost estimate
  • Transport statements / Assessments

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