COVID-19 (Coronavirus) – GAP Operational Update

In order to safeguard our team, their families and community in general with social distancing, we have set up all of our team to work from home in line the Government Guidelines on Coronavirus (COVID-19).


We have had remote access to our system and have a secure system to our server and files and therefore hope to continue as much as a normal service as possible.  Telephone access is still available over the main number and mobiles as normal.  Conversation chats over the internet platform like Skype and other platform have been part of what we been doing for a while and so Video conferencing is something we are used to.  Please email your project lead who will be happy to share this information with you if you require it.


“Whatever it takes” has been the Government motto and it is the same for us all at Godsell Arnold Partnership Ltd,  we will do “whatever it takes” to continue providing you as much as an uninterrupted service as possible.


Thank you all for reading this message and your patience during this unprecedented time.

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