Top 3 Trends Post COVID-19

As we all adjust to lockdown easing somewhat and businesses making plans to have staff back in an office environment, we have begun to think of the wider implications of lockdown in the engineering industry.

  1. Skill shortage – like most other industries, consulting engineers may have diversified to guarantee an income as as such may have already entered other fields (similar issue to the 1992 and 2008 crashes). Effectively once projects re-commence these skills will be highly sought after.
  2. Site safety – from social distancing measures to new PPE, there will need to be considerable changes to the way we work and interact on site, where contact with multiple other construction team members is inevitable.
  3. Office – almost every office will look considerably different when we all return, whether that be alternative shift patterns to lessen the number of people in the building to partitions between desks. The ‘new normal’ will effect everyone and GAP is making preparations to effect these to provide a safe working environment.

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